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Breathing life into the blueprint

Glohh understands that true design embodies intellectual elegance; the coming together of both style and substance. The Glohh vision is to create powerful statements through masterful engineering whilst ensuring harmonious fusion of geometry, optics and modernity to create a beautiful and balanced design.

Innovation is in our DNA

Design is an act of communication. A powerful demonstration of visual beauty delivered as engineered perfection. Focused on simple forms, the Glohh identity is a means to influence the future.

Glohh creates products that fulfil, in every aspect, the desire to be unique; keeping the leading edge with added finesse and innovatively combining strong aesthetics with high performance and efficiency.

Ingenious engineering strikes the perfect balance between design and functionality by considering the product in its next larger context. Visualising the LED pathway inside the light, the light on the vehicle, the vehicle in motion. The concepts grow organically through constant refinement ensuring the lighting structure expresses appreciation of geometry, stylistic expression and minimalist design.