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New era. New vision.

The all-new GL-5i taillight

GL-5i - a new era.

Exclusively designed for your Range Rover Sport, the GL-5i taillight marks the pivotal point between performance and personal expression.

With a new era comes a new vision.

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Sculptured to perfection.

Distinctive in design, predatorial in presence, the GL-5i captivates and allures, satisfying your senses with contemporary style. Fluid form immaculately executed, emanating power, style and unparalleled kineticism.

Ultimate Design - GL5i

A new dimension of light.

Visually distinctive, brilliantly intense. The GL-5i 3D brake light features a sophisticated dual-tone light effect, that radiates subtle hues to adjacent vehicles and more vivid hues to those directly behind, redefining road safety. Design excellence with the power to stop.

3D3 dimensional impression – light with depth effect

4S4 scintillators – greater visibility

50%More concentrated light than conventional brake-light

Brake Light - GL5i
Power up

Dynamic Start-up Display

Perfectly understated, almost ritualistic, the mesmerising cycle of light that marks the start of each journey

Aerodynamic perfection.

Exquisite lines evoked by a vision of dynamism. Elegantly integrated air-splitters and aero-fins channel air-flow, reducing drag and increasing stability. A chemistry of curvatures promise performance.

0.06Drag Coefficient

ASFAero Stabilising Fins Reduce drag and increase stability

Aero - GL5i

Light that moves.

Emitting pulses of light that dominate the visual senses, the GL-5i dynamic indicator delivers an intense sequence of light; one that intuitively flows in the direction of travel. Stimulating style, honed for safety at every turn.

350msA rapid pulse of light for a distinct signal

38%Sequential power 38% more effective than conventional

Brake Light - GL5i

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The world’s first DSD taillight is available for your Range Rover Sport – Order your GL-5i today.

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Purity of innovation.

True design depth embodies clear-cut vision. Dormant and discreet until activated the ultra-slim reverse-light discharges 523 lumens of diamond white rays, transmitted through a concave form to near, lateral and mid-field range, ensuring safer manoeuvrability. Discrete power - enhanced vision.

523LMMaximum light output for intense illumination

50%Brighter than the standard light

6K6000 Kelvin diamond white optimal xenon colour

Aero - GL5i


One complete solution, the GL-5i is compatible to all original L494 Range Rover Sport (2013-2017 and 2019-on) body types and engine variants. Ensuring simple plug-and-play integration with HSE, HSE Dynamic, PHEV, Autobiography Dynamic and SVR models. A complete solution engineered to perfection.

2013-2021- HSE- HSE Dynamic- SE- HST

.- Autobiography Dynamic- PHEV- SVR- Supercharged

L320 Owners (2006-12 Model) - View the GL-3

Brake Light - GL5i


Ultra-fast and efficient, the GL-5i is embedded with a sophisticated microprocessor that delivers unrivalled performance and reliability.

Plug & Play.

Designed for seamless integration there is no need for additional electronics or components. Simply plug and play.

Safety Approved.

Ardent to ensuring your safety on every journey. The GL-5i is engineered to meet global ECE (e11) and US Department of Transportation (DOT) safety regulations.

Sinuous Design.

Inspired by the natural flow of water, sweeping lines and sophisticated functionality are perfectly embodied within one contemporary form. Every surface is engineered for aerodynamic efficiency.


Spectacular performance, the culmination of numerous individual enhancements, all leading to ultimate reliability, performance and durability.

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The world’s first DSD taillight is available for your Range Rover Sport – Order your GL-5i today.

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