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Complete your Range Rover Sport with the Gl-3 Taillight. The world's first fully integrated LED taillight for the Range Rover Sport. This is the missing piece of the puzzle you've been looking for. The Combination of flawless engineering and breath-taking design will take your car beyond the ordinary and down a whole new road of refinement.
The Tri-Lumination Factor - So much more than just a taillight. Three individual glowing elements are fused into a singular unit, giving it a three-dimensional impact while providing intense illumination. Three separate glowing elements are unified within the GL-3 to give your Range Rover Sport an unmistakable visual identity.
Total Colour Control - A true artist can use a single colour to evoke an enormous array of emotions - and our engineers have brought that same level of artistic mastery to the Glohh taillight, giving it uniform and unique colouration. One simple colour...endless class and beauty.
Optimised Airflow - The GL-3 exterior design from Glohh is not only a visual highlight. Compared to the standard taillight the GL-3 achieves a new airflow record. This is achieved by the aerodynamically optimised exterior fins. The overall result is improved airflow characteristics, which in turn contribute to a better fuel consumption.
Simplicity is what sets us apart - A single taillight, perfectly crafted and precision engineered, can transform simple substance into overwhelming style. It can elevate the boring into a true beauty. And it can forge basic features into the ultimate automotive fashion statement.
Ultra Slim - Enjoy the ultimate taillight upgrade with the thinnest Range Rover Sport reverse light design! This allows for maximum visibility and more powerful LED output, ensuring a safe and smooth reverse in even the murkiest of conditions.
Made to Fit - Few things are more frustrating than buying a new part for your Range Rover Sport and realising it doesn't fit! Fortunately, with the Glohh taillight, you'll never have to worry about that, since it's crafted for compatibility with all 2005-2010 models and 2010-2013 facelift models.
LED for a Lifetime - Glohh's LED taillights were specifically designed for improved perception in low-light and fully dark environments, increasing your safety. Plus, the whole unit is engineered to last the lifetime of your car. Ensuring maintenance-free performance and peace of mind.
Safety First - Ultimately, cars have lights for singular reason- safety. Keeping your situational awareness high and helping other drivers pick you out in sub-par lighting conditions. That's why we engineered the Glohh taillight to meet all Global, ECE and US Department of Transportation safety regulations without fail!
Shop online - Be among the first in the world to bring the beautiful engineering of the Glohh LED taillight to your Range Rover Sport. The next level in aerodynamic, craftsmanship, and vibrant design. Glohh is striking in its simplicity - yet unparalleled in its impact.